Pathology Services

Experimental Pathology Laboratories, Inc. (EPL®) Toxicologic Pathology services are provided by a staff of over 20 veterinary pathologists; most are certified by the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP).   All of the pathologists are veterinarians with many years of experience in the evaluation of animal tissues and are experienced in experimental carcinogenesis, toxicologic pathology, and related fields.

The pathologists are supported by a technical and clerical staff broadly experienced in experimental and toxicologic pathology data reporting.  EPL also offers the flexibility of client-site necropsy teams capable of completing gross examinations on most standard large and small animal species, as well as aquatic and farm animal species.

EPL provides routine toxicologic pathology services on a contract basis involving examination of tissues from standard toxicology studies.  Specialized pathology services are also offered and can be tailored to meet your research or regulatory objectives.

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Aquatic Animal & Avian  Pathology
Carcinogenicity Studies
Development & Reproductive Pathology
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