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Meet Aclairo Pharmaceutical Development Group


Imagine a group of great scientists and all around nice folks who worked with another group for years in dovetailed projects for their clients. It does not take much imagination to wonder why these folks would want to be in one happy group together.  On January 1, 2016, EPL, Inc.  acquired Aclairo PDG, Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary.  EPL’s toxicological pathology services are a natural fit with Aclairo’s toxicology, DMPK, and regulatory services.

In the past, EPL and Aclairo have worked on expert panels for carcinogenicity, preclinical toxicity challenges, as well as taking part in or observing EPL’s Pathology Working Groups (PWG). As Aclairo has added expertise first in drugs, then in biologics, devices, and drug/device combination products, we continue to work more with EPL to bring in pathology depth for our clients, and EPL continues to refer product development challenges to Aclairo.  We are so pleased to be able to offer a seamless and synergistic team to our client base.

Aclairo’s consultancy include ex-FDA and industry experts in:

  • Small molecules, biologics, devices, and drug device combinations
  • Nonclinical safety evaluation and translational application to clinical trials
  • Nonclinical and clinical DMPK
    • Including GLP toxicokinetics reports
  • Regulatory support
    • Including full eCTD and US Agent services

Please visit for more information.

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