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EPL Pathologists Attend Workshop on Aquatic Models and 21st Century Toxicology


Dr. Jeffrey Wolf and Dr. Torrie Crabbs attended the “Collaborative Workshop on Aquatic Models and 21st Century Toxicology” on May 5-6, 2014 at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library at North Carolina State University’s Centennial Campus in Raleigh, NC.  The meeting was the result of a collaborative effort between NCSU and The National Toxicology Program Interagency Center for the Evaluation of Alternative Toxicologic Methods (NICEATM).

The overall objectives of the workshop were to 1) foster the establishment of networks among  toxicologists and basic biomedical scientists using aquatic animal models; 2) raise awareness within the toxicology field of the advantages of using aquatic model resources; 3) develop a framework to assist in integrating toxicology data from aquatic models with ongoing in silico, in vitro and in vivo testing initiatives; 4) explore the potential for aquatic models to aid in identifying underlying genetic contributions to human exposure susceptibility and to anchor phenotypic outcomes of exposure to molecular mechanisms of toxicity; and 5) identify and propose future research initiatives using aquatic vertebrate models to address current information gaps.

There were over 150 attendees from government, academia, industry, and various research institutions.

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