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Meet EPL’s Client Services Staff at our Sterling, VA Laboratory


EPL’s services are provided to many clients around the world with much of the support coming from EPL’s laboratory in Sterling, VA.  When a client outsources histopathology to EPL, in many cases they work closely with our Histology Supervisor and Manager of Virginia Laboratory Operations located in Sterling.  Ms. Vivian English and Ms. Kristi Larson provide client services which are vital to projects being completed on time and are main points of contact for many clients who use EPL as their histopathology partner.


Vivian English - EPL Histology Supervisor

Vivian English – EPL Histology Supervisor

Vivian English, HT (ASCP)
Histology Supervisor

Ms. Vivian English is EPL’s Histology Supervisor and is located at our Sterling, Virginia laboratory.  She serves as Principal Investigator for histology studies and directs the EPL histology staff and provides technical direction to the histology technicians processing tissues for client studies.  She enjoys working with our sponsors and her many years of experience make her an excellent resource for technical questions regarding histology procedures, quality and production issues in the histology laboratory.

Ms. English is certified by the American Society for Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) as a Histologic Technician (HT) and has over 30 years of experience in the histologic preparation of tissue specimens.  She oversees technical procedures including gross trimming of a variety of large and small laboratory animals (including many aquatic species), processing and embedding of tissues, microtomy, routine special staining, GMA processing of tissues for neurotoxicity studies, special sectioning for ocular studies and method development.

Ms. English is responsible for maintaining an effective system for day-to-day work assignments for the laboratory and scheduling and monitoring the status of projects.  She is responsible for supervision and training of laboratory assistants, technicians and unit supervisors in routine procedures, as well as the special procedures required by sponsors.  Ms. English also directs the quality control procedures that involve microscopic identification of tissues and section quality.

Ms. English has been instrumental in the development of several procedures that were presented for method development.  One example involves the development of special step-sectioning procedures for the preparation of whole fish (medaka) utilized in carcinogenesis bioassay tests.  The result of the development of these procedures allows for the microscopic evaluation of approximately 30 tissues from each fish on a consistent basis. She also was instrumental in developing a protocol for microwave decalcification.  The procedure was published and is widely used in histology laboratories to expedite decal specimens.

Ms. English was awarded “The William J. Hacker Memorial Award” in September 2012 for leadership, education and advocacy in the field of Histotechnology.  She is an active member of National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) and The Virginia Society for Histotechnology.


Kristi Larson - Manager, VA Laboratory Operations

Kristi Larson – Manager, VA Laboratory Operations

Kristi Larson
Manager, VA Laboratory Operations

Ms. Kristi Larson currently serves as the Manager of Virginia Laboratory Operations.  She is responsible for the scheduling and monitoring of studies involving pathology services and interacts with clients outsourcing histopathology and pathology peer review services.  She works closely with clients to coordinate the scheduling, data requirements, and timely completion of study reports.

Ms. Larson has experience in toxicology data auditing and monitoring and has participated in rodent and fish necropsies.  She has been involved in special projects for clients requiring the writing of Standard Operating Procedures for newly developed and pre-existing procedures.

Ms. Larson is responsible for overseeing the histology laboratory, quality control unit, data archives and central files.  She is also responsible for histopathology database preparation, report preparation, and peer review setup and reporting.  Ms. Larson is a 1989 graduate of George Mason University from which she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.  She has over 25 years of experience in pathology report preparation and histopathology database preparation.

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