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Using Transmission Electron Microscopy in Preclinical Safety Studies

EPL – An Independent and Employee Owned Provider

Histology Slide Quality

On-Time Pathology Reporting

Expedited Scheduling of Histology and Histopathology

Experimental Pathology Laboratories, Inc. Announces a Strategic Alliance with Quality Scientific Solutions, LLC

Meet EPL and Aclairo at the SOT 57th Annual Meeting

Immunohistochemical Assay Optimization – Tackling Intrinsic Study Variables

Histology – Tissue Accountability and Routine Recut Procedures


Information List for EPL’s Unique Pathology Peer Review System

How to Ensure the Quickest Possible Histology Project Timeline

Meet EPL and Aclairo at the 38th Annual ACT

Meet EPL at 68th Annual AALAS

EPL’s Pathology Peer Review

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EPL’s Capabilities for SEND

EPL Presents at the 36th Society of Toxicologic Pathology (STP) Annual Symposium

Webinar: Electron Microscopy in Nonclinical Studies

Upcoming Workshop: Regulatory Affairs and Drug Development – Current Thinking and Challenges”

EPL and WCFP Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Preclinical Services

EPL, Aclairo, and ESI – An Alliance to Enhance Pathology and Regulatory Support in China

Dr. Paul Snyder Elected as President of Society of Toxicologic Pathology (STP)

EPL to Exhibit in Booth #2332 at 56th Annual Society of Toxicology (SOT) Meeting in Baltimore, MD – March 12-16

EPL Names New Vice President


A Closer Look at Ocular Toxicity Studies

EPL Happenings: Fall 2016

EPL to Exhibit at NSH 42nd Annual Symposium

Stereology: Turn Up the Volume

Entrust Your Histopathology Services to EPL

EPL Announces New President / Presents at STP 2016

EPL and Histion Form Strategic Alliance

A Further Look at Blind Slide Reading

EPL Opens a Northeast Office in Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Meet Aclairo Pharmaceutical Development Group

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EPL and Aclairo Combine Preclinical Services Expertise


Specialized DART Necropsy Support

EPL Provides On-Time Pathology Reporting

EPL Invites You To Meet at October Industry Events

The Importance of Histology Slide Quality

EPL Provides Expedited Scheduling for Histology and Histopathology

EPL Attends NSH 41st Annual Symposium

Meet EPL’s Client Services Staff at Our Sterling, VA Laboratory

EPL Discusses Drug Induced Vascular Injury

EPL Provides Research and Development Pathology Support

EPL Attends SOT

Clinical Pathology Evaluation and Consulting Services

EPL West Coast Established in Northern California


Happy Holidays from EPL: See Our 2014 Awards

The Benefits of Immunohistochemistry

EPL Activities at November Industry Events

EPL Opens West Lafayette, Indiana Office

EPL Announces New Alliance for Electron Microscopy Services

Evolving Roles of Toxicologic Pathologists

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EPL Focuses on Ocular Pathology


Pathology Working Groups (PWG)

EPL Pathology Peer Review

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