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Experimental Pathology Laboratories, Inc. (EPL®) focuses on providing expert and timely GLP histology services to the toxicology research community. Our two fully-equipped histology laboratories are modern in design and are located in Sterling, Virginia and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Collectively, the two laboratories have the capability of producing microscopic slides containing more than 500,000 tissues annually.

EPL’s highly experienced laboratory technicians possess a wide range of talents and expertise and many are certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) and/or hold advanced degrees.  Laboratory operating systems have been established to facilitate a highly productive workflow. All of the systems allow flexibility to accommodate the most demanding completion deadlines.

EPL’s Virginia laboratory and corporate headquarters is conveniently located just minutes from Dulles Airport. This state-of-the-art resource center consists of more than 28,000 square feet, including more than 12,500 square feet occupied by histology laboratories and associated technical and administrative support groups.

The EPL North Carolina laboratory is located approximately four miles from the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.  This facility consists of more than 43,000 square feet.  Approximately 3,000 square feet of the building is dedicated to histology operations.  The remainder of the facility either houses pathology,pathology support staff, and EPL’s BioRepository. The National Toxicology Program (NTP) Archives, NIEHS Frozen Tissue Bank, the NIEHS Data and Specimen Repository are maintained and operated at this facility by EPL.

EPL’s capabilities include all routine histology procedures such as trimming of fixed tissues, paraffin embedding, microtomy, hematoxylin and eosin staining and common special staining techniques. Along with these routine procedures, EPL is able to offer other, less commonly requested services. Our organization has experience with numerous less commonly utilized special stains. EPL also has years of experience with immunohistochemical and fluorescence staining as well as with frozen sectioning and plastic embedding. In addition, EPL can assist your necropsy team at your site by providing experienced prosectors, technical assistants and/or pathologists to work seamlessly alongside your staff.  Alternatively, EPL can organize and conduct all phases of your necropsy according to your protocol and SOPs without direct involvement by any of your staff.

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