Necropsy Support

A select group of technicians has been trained in animal necropsy techniques to form specialized EPL Necropsy Teams. In recent years, the demand for this unique service has increased significantly as the benefits have become apparent to the industry.  Since 1971, our teams have adapted to the specialized requirements of each client, resulting in a very successful positive reputation.

These accomplished teams are proficient in the necropsy of a variety of species including rodent, rabbit, canine, feline, swine, bovine, primate, and avian (quail, duck, chicken).  We have teams that specialize in whole body perfusion techniques in avian, rodent, and non-rodent species, and special collection procedures for immunohistochemistry and neurotoxicology studies.

The exact structure of the team is dependent upon your particular need.  Staffing can include experienced necropsy technicians, assistants, and/or pathologists.  Upon request, our team will arrive at your location or your CRO facility for the scheduled necropsy.  EPL’s necropsy teams are fully equipped with all expendable supplies and safety equipment.  Necropsies can be performed in the controlled laboratory setting or in the field.

The team focuses on the necropsy event for your study, freeing your technical staff to focus on other ongoing study issues.  Activities will be performed in compliance with EPL’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or those of the client. (EPL’s SOPs are available for review prior to any necropsy event.)

EPL provides established necropsy training seminars.  These seminars have been presented at many client facilities and include lectures, hands-on training, and excellent training materials for future reference.

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