Electron Microscopy

In 2014, EPL established an agreement with Virginia Tech for the Laboratory for Neurotoxicity Studies (LNS) at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Tech, to provide state of the art electron microscopy services.  Operating under the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine GLP Program, the LNS is a fully GLP-compliant transmission electron microscopy laboratory that has supported regulatory studies for over 25 years.  The laboratory provides complete services for tissue trimming, tissue processing, epoxy resin embedding, sectioning for light and electron microscopy, imaging and interpretation.  Ultrastructural studies are performed using a contemporary JEOL JEM-1400 TEM with a side-mounted Gatan Orius SC1000 CCD camera.

Dr. Thomas Cecere, a board-certified veterinary pathologist, is the LNS director for electron microscopy.  The laboratory is managed by Sandy Hancock, a Registered Quality Professional in GLPs with over 30 years of experience in electron microscopy.  The LNS staff is available for assistance, instruction or advice on ultrastructural aspects of a study, including design, proper fixation and preparation and handling of biological samples and protocol development.

Dr. Thomas Steinbach, Vice President at EPL, will manage the performance of electron microscopy projects and work closely with the LNS.  Dr. Steinbach is a board-certified veterinary pathologist and toxicologist with over ten years of experience with the evaluation and interpretation of transmission electron microscopy in both a research and GLP-compliant regulatory setting.

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