EPL Announces New Manager of Laboratory Services


Experimental Pathology Laboratories, Inc. (EPL) is excited to announce that Daniel Zadory has been promoted to Manager, Laboratory Services at the Sterling, VA laboratory, effective July 1, 2020.

Dan has been with EPL since 2008 and has progressed through laboratory and management roles, most recently as Histology Project Coordinator and Special Techniques Unit Supervisor.  In his new role, Dan will oversee the daily operations of histology and all laboratory services at the Virginia facility.  Dan will serve as a point of contact with clients, to determine optimal scopes of work related to histology, immunohistochemistry, whole slide imaging, and other specialty laboratory services.  Client communications regarding tissue processing, sectioning, and staining are now directed through Dan.

With Dan now in place as the new Manager of Laboratory Services, Vivian English continues her transition from Histology Supervisor into the role of Histology Operations Specialist.  In her role as Histology Operations Specialist, Vivian will continue to provide expertise and support to allow EPL to create more efficient and cost-effective histology processes and procedures.

We congratulate both Dan and Vivian on their new roles!

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